Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MN Governor, Tim Pawlenty

I just heard our governor, Tim Pawlenty in an interview on the radio.

Tim is a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. He spoke well of responses to our state's recent calamities, and the response of the people of MN.

He deflected the praises of the interviewer as to how he handled the events of recent MN tragedies to those who had laid the ground work for the first responders through training, the way the first responders carried out their duties, and for the average citizen who helped out, often in their own personal harm's way, to help their neighbor.

He explained that it was a reflection of their faith, by their up-bringing, nurturing, and encouragement by those who were instrumental in their lives (i.e. their mentors), he was very grateful for that.

Our Governor is a man that truly reflects our Lord.

I, am very grateful for that!


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