Monday, February 26, 2007

Amazing... "Amazing Grace" ....the movie

Well, we were successful in our second attempt to see this film, this weekend.
Sandra & I were able to get in to the matinee on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed the film.
We both offer it two thumbs up!
While it is not; a fast paced, thriller or action film... it conveys truths and cause to be proactive in the area of faith & action. It is a must see!
This screen capture, from when William Wilberforce visits the now blind John Newton.
John Newton was, by his own admission, a reprobate and Capt. of a "slave ship". He was met by Christ, (not too unlike how Saul was met on the road to Damascus).
John Newton too, was changed forever. He became a pastor of a church in England where he met Wilberforce in his early years.

It was in Newton's later years, failing health and suffering with blindness, that he challenged William Wilberforce to persevere in his quest to abolish the slave trade.

The quote from the movie that hit me most was... "I once was blind, but now I see..."

I found myself, more than once, with my heart in my throat. The scenes were gripping and provided the resolution in my heart, to persevere in this present day!

The evils of the slave trade of 200 years ago, in many ways relate the questions of today.
I.E. Human Trafficking, Abortion on demand, religious persecution and more!

We all need to see this film... to be challenged to consider how we need to be more involved, and how we cannot turn a blind eye to injustice and most importantly..."to not give up"!

Here again it the link to the movies website:

Please view the trailer. And PLEASE!, go see it!

Be Blessed, be Encouraged, and be Motivated for action!

In HIS Love,


P.S. Sandra & I will again see this film on the big screen...and be first in line to purchase the DVD upon it's release!

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