Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I captured this today from a fellow bloggers' site.
The site is:
I was humbled and impressed! It is truly a sight to see, all these men, at the top of their game, on their knees. I find that I need to be on my knees more often too. And I'm not on the top of my game!
This past Thursday - Saturday, about 135 men of Grace Church met at a retreat for prayer. The 2007 Men's Prayer Summit. I was at the 2004 Summit, and it was awesome. I wish I had gone this year.
Rise Up O Men of God, rise up!
(but not until after you've spent considerable time on your knees, or even prostrate before HIM!)

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kingdavid said...

This is an inspiring picture, and knowing that these are successful and talented men who are praising God is encouraging.

I saw an equally inspiring sight a few weeks ago,at a men's ministry breakfast that meets once a month. They bus in a large group of men from the Teen Challenge rehab center in MPLS. These are men who have lost everything they've had in life: businesses, marriages, sons and daughters, parents; all because of their addictions. To see them on their knees, praising and crying out to God was just as equally inspiring.

We have an amazing God and an amazing Savior. He touches the lives of all men who call upon His Name.