Thursday, May 17, 2007

2008 Presidential Material?.....

Rec'd this via web news today.

I'm not looking forward to a long drawn out campaign for the 2008 election.... but I'm glad that one more gifted than I in communication, has entered the fray and voiced his concerns.
For me, its way too early for me to plant my flag behind a specific candidate.
I have had many concerns how many of my "right thinking" bloggers have seemed to jump in with both feet into the Rudy boat.


"Is Rudy Giuliani presidential timber? I think not," Dobson said in the commentary.
"Can we really trust a chief executive who waffles and feigns support for policies that run contrary to his alleged beliefs? Of greater concern is how he would function in office," he said.
Giuliani leads the 10-man Republican field in national polls despite longstanding doubts about his candidacy from conservatives, but he has seen his lead over second-place Sen. John McCain (
news, bio, voting record) of Arizona shrink in recent weeks as social issues have moved to the fore of the debate.

Giuliani earned a national reputation for his leadership while he was mayor of New York after the September 11 attacks.

Dobson said Giuliani had tried to hide his views from conservatives, but "this leopard has not changed his spots." He also said the former mayor's three marriages raised "moral concerns about Giuliani's candidacy that conservatives should find troubling."


I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the media.
I loved the part in the last paragraph.... "this leopard has not changed his spots."


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