Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Mission in Iraq

This today from the web.

My question is: "And there is NOT a presence of terrotists (or foriegn fighters) in Iraq?

The soldiers went missing after an attack in a dangerous rural area on Saturday in which four other U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi translator belonging to the same patrol were killed.
The apparently coordinated strike came as U.S.

President George W. Bush' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> President George W. Bush is deploying 30,000 more U.S. troops due in
Iraq' name=c1> SEARCHNews News Photos Images Web' name=c3> Iraq in June and as Democrats in Congress step up calls for the withdrawal of American forces in the four-year old war.

"We believe they were abducted by terrorists belonging to al Qaeda or an affiliated group and this assessment is based on highly credible intelligence information," U.S. military spokesman Major-General William Caldwell said in the first U.S. admission that the three had been seized by the militant group.

The al Qaeda-led Islamic State in Iraq demanded in a Web site statement that Washington stop a search involving more than 4,000 U.S. troops to guarantee the welfare of the soldiers.
"Your soldiers are in our grip. If you want the safety of your soldiers then do not search for them," it said.


It seems to me that, al Qaeda has a high priority on the Capitol of Iraq, and the removal of U.S. troops from the region, and beyond!!!!


While my heart goes out to those families whose loved ones are in enemy hands'...
I have to say the mission they are on, is just, and the enemy is vile!

Please pray for our troops!


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